Photo: Yoshiko Yamashita

ご 挨 拶

Cattery Canon のホームページにご訪問いただき、ありがとうございます。

Cattery Canonは、神奈川県座間市にある、メインクーン専門の小さなキャテリーです。

アメリカに本部を置く愛猫団体 TICAとCFA に所属しています。




Cattery Canonから巣立った子達が幸せな生涯を送れるよう心を尽くしてお世話をしております。

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Thank you for visiting Cattery Canon’s website.

Cattery Canon is a small cattery specializing in the Maine Coon cat in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

I belong to CFA and TICA which are the cat fanciers′ associations. Their headquarters are in the United States.

I had a big black boy Maine Coon cat for the first time in the spring of 2001. And the next year I had a dignified and elegant silver girl Maine Coon cat. From these two cats I started breeding.

By then I had a number of cats, such as the cats I picked up, the cats I kept, and the protected cats I got at a transfer party.

The Maine Coon cats I had were fascinating cat species that were completely different from the above mentioned cats.

Since then I have been captivated by their charm.

With all my heart and soul I take good care of the wonderful Maine Coon cats so that they may live a happy life.